The Star Team

Editor: John Foster, 15 Whitton Close, Ranskill - 01777 818397

Duplicators: Derek Gill, Graham Hadley

Typists: Jo Bertram, Sharon Greenaway, and Kate Cordingley

Distributors and Helpers: June and Geoff Lodge, Joy Tudberry, Fran Lee, Rita Whitfield, Dennis Till, Ann Robbins, Beryl Dickens, Hilda and Nesson Hughes, Gordon Ashworth, Annette Marshall, Peter Snowball, Heather Reid, Louisa Scott, Vaneeta Kilby, Charlotte Arrrowsmith, Jill Swannack, Mrs. Richardson, Barry Bown, Peter Brown, Chris Foster, Jackie Prendergast, Christie and Rob Willis, Zak D'Amelio and Debbie Smith.

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Village Representatives

Ranskill: Roland and Tina Kilby, 18 Station Avenue

Scrooby: Izzi Marshall, Chirnside, Low Road - 01302 719811

Torworth: Derek Gill, 26 Underwood Avenue - 01777 818745

Management Committee

Chair: John Foster, Secretary: Treasurer: Paula Hadley

Editorial: John Foster, Tim Cotton, Vaneeta Kilby

Advertising: Bill Arrowsmith - 01302 714102

All articles for publication to Village Representatives or by Email to: as early as possible but no later than the 16th of each month.